Overview      VAIS-SEi was developed for inspection and measurement instruments in clean room environment. Microscopes for inspection & measurement in clean room are exposed to harsh environment.
In usual clean room, The noise level is over 70dB(C) and severe vibration input on floating floor is passed on target instruments.

 VAIS-SEi is designed and manufactured by patented technology of AMTEK.
Shielding target microscopes from acoustical noise in clean room, VAIS-SEi can provide vibration free environment by AMTEK's active anti-vibration system (VAIS-PB). Partical free environment by patened Fan Filter Unit system with no noise feature and constant temperature maintenance by thermal controller can be secured.
VAIS-SEi is core product which is combined with all technologies including anti vibration and noise systems.

1. Multi-layer wall structure

VAIS-SEi protects target microscopes from severe noise in clean room by 6 layers wall structure.

2. Particle free environment

Particle free environment inside enclosure is kept by patented low noise FFU system.

3. Constant temperature maintenance

By thermal control system, The temperature inside enclosure can be constantly kept.

4. Anti-vibration system

VAIS-SEi porvides a stable vibration environment by superb active vibration isolation system of AMTEK.