Overview   Electron Microscopes are vulnerable to vibration disturbances caused by several factors including structural resonance due to floor vibration input.
Pneumatic passive isolation systems will not creat enough vibration environment to bring out the optimal performance of the microscopes for observing high-magnification and high-resolution images.

VAIS-PB is a base-platform type active anti-vibration system optimized for electron microscopes (SEM, TEM and FIB). With its pneumatic support frame, the system outperforms the competitors’ metal spring-based systems and effectively eliminates aperiodic impulse vibration.
Since the successful commercialization in 2015, the system’s high-performance capabilities have been applied to several electron microscope manufacturers worldwide.

1. High-Damped Pneumatic Support Frame

High-damped pneumatic support frame strengthens VAIS-PB’s robustness against aperiodic impulse vibration.

2. Floor Feed-Forward Control

Utilizing feedback and floor feed-forward controls, VAIS-PB has an excellent capability to prevent low-frequency (less than 10Hz) vibration disturbance, a critical factor on the electron microscope.

3. Status Indicator

Three LED lights (Red, Green, Blue) on the front panel conveniently inform the user on the vibration environment changes and serviceability.

4. Easy Self-Diagnosis

Digitally-controlled VAIS-PB is designed for a convenient self-diagnosis of operation-related malfuctions, such as the center of gravity changes.

5. Remote Support

AMTEK provides a remote real-time support for convenient performance diagnosis and technical support.

Control DOFs 3 axis / 6 DOFs
Control Range 0.5 ~ 1,000Hz
Control Type Feedback & Floor Feed-forward Control
Max. Actuator Force 80N (Vertical) / 50N (Horizontal)
Loadable Weight Range 0 ~ 2,500kg
Height Adjustment Auto adjustment by 3 mechanical valves
Required Air Pressure Over 0.5 MPa
Input Voltage AC 90 ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz

◼ Vibration Isolation Performance (Transmissibility)

Resonance Range ( >1 Hz ) Does not exist
Isolation efficiency on Frequency Domain
2 Hz -10dB (60% isolation)
5 Hz -30dB (85% isolation)
10 Hz -40dB (99% isolation)
20 Hz ~ -40dB (99% isolation)

Performance Test Certificate (PDF Download)

1. Application Notes

(1) With a built-in pneumatic passive anti-vibration system, electron microscopes and FIBs require environments free of low-frequency vibration disturbance below 10Hz, usually produced by building's structural resonance. VAIS-PB isolates 300 to 500 times more vibrations than the passive system in the resonance range.

(2) After successfully applying the system to FEI Quanta 250 FEG in 2014, VAIS-PB continues to show excellent performance in several other electron microscopes and FIBs manufactured by Hitachi, Zeiss, Jeol, Tescan, and numerous others.

(3) VAIS-PB consistently provides a stable vibration environment with its pneumatic support frame, which is robust against aperiodic impulse input.

(4) Using the air spring support, VAIS-PB can be applied in a wide range of equipment weights, from lighter SEM and FIB to heavier TEM and STM.

2. Target Instruments

  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  • Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
  • Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM)
  • Heavy Load Precision Instrument
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VAIS-PB for ThermoFisher Helios with Chamber
VAIS-PB for ThermoFisher Apreo-S
VAIS-PB for ThermoFisher Verios
VAIS-PB for ThermoFisher Quattro
VAIS-PB for Tescan MAIA3
VAIS-PB for Zeiss Sigma 300
VAIS-PB for Hitachi Regulus 8100
VAIS-PB for Jeol JAMP 9510F
VAIS-PB for Inkjet PCB inspection