Overview   The pneumatic passive anti-vibration system, which is widely used to block the vibration applied around the electron microscope's installation site, amplifies the vibration due to the resonance phenomenon in low-frequency region. Even in the case of a normal SEM, which is relatively robust against vibration disturbance, the resonance phenomenon in low-frequency region may affect IEST VC-E Class's vibration environment, the minimum vibration state for optimal operation of an electron microscope.

VAIS-CMT is a full active anti-vibration system incorporating 3 axis-6 degree of freedom control technology to eliminate pneumatic passive vibration isolator's resonance issue.
Since a metal coil spring frame supports it, VAIS-CMT needs no compressed air supplier. The lower height of VAIS-CMT improves inconvenience that the pneumatic passive anti-vibration system causes.
With a competitive price, it will be the best anti-vibration solution for normal SEMs.

1. Easy Installation & Transportation

Supported by metal coil springs, VAIS-CMT requires no compressed air supplier.
It can be conveniently transported and installed anywhere with electricity.

2. Floor Feed-forward Control

Utilizing feedback and floor feed-forward controls, VAIS-CMT has an excellent capability to prevent low-frequency vibration disturbance, an common issue with passive anti-vibration systems.

3. LED Status Indicator

Three LED lights (Red, Green, Blue) on the front panel conveniently display the status on vibration environment changes and seviceability.

4. Easy Self-Diagnosis

Digitally-controlled VAIS-CMT is designed for convenient self-diagnosis of operation-related malfunctions, such as center of gravity changes.

5. Remote Support

AMTEK provides a remote real-time support for convenient performance diagnosis and technical support.

Model Type CMT-067 CMT-078
Dimension [mm] 596(W)X696(L)X125(H) 696(W)X796(L)X125(H)
Self-Weight [kg] 65 85
Loadable Weight [kg] 0 ~ 300
Control Range [Hz] 0.5 ~ 1,000
Control Type Feedback & Floor Feed-Forward Control
Settling time Below 0.5 second
Actuator Force Vertical : 12N / Horizontal : 6N
Input Voltage 50~230V (50Hz~60Hz)

◼ Vibration isolation performance (Transmissibility)

Control range 0.5 ~ 1,000 Hz
Isolation efficiency(Isolation performance) on frequency domain
2 Hz -10dB (60%)
5 Hz -30dB (93%)
10 Hz -30dB ~ -35dB (95%)
Over 20 Hz -35dB (95%)