Overview   VAIS-PMT is the world's exclusive pneumatic active anti-vibration isolator integrated with anti-noise chamber. Nano scale measurement instruments are vulnerable not only to floor structural vibration, but also to acoustical vibration and air flow. The VAIS-PMT's active anti-vibration system and anti-noise shield system effectively eliminate such factors.

VAIS-PMT provides consistently stable vibration environment with pneumatic active anti-vibration frame against even aperiodic impulse vibration input. Anti-noise chamber with multi-layer soundproof walls block air-flow nearby HAVC equipment and noise.

1. High damped pneumatic support frame

With high damped pneumatic support frame, VAIS-PMT shows superior robustness against aperiodic impulse vibration.

2. Floor Feed-forward control

Utilizing feedback and floor feed-forward control, VAIS-PMT has excellent capability to prevent low-frequency vibration disturbance, a common issue with passive anti-vibration systems.

3. Status indicator

Three LED lights (Red, Green, Blue) on the front panel conveniently inform the user of the vibration environment change and seviceability.

4. Remote support

Through remote control, VAIS-PMT provides optimal control parameters and inspection of abnormalities without engineer's vitis

5. Anti-noise chamber with multi-layer wall

Anti-noise chamber with 6 layers wall structures of VAIS-PMT perfectly removes air-borne disturbances by air flow and acoustical noise.

Sandard Dimension 610(W) X 730(L) X 895(H) [mm]
Platform Type Granite (standard) / Optical breadboard (option)
Loadable Range 0 ~ 150kg (standard)
Support Frame Pneumatic(compressed air) spring
Control DOFs 3 axis 6 DOFs (full active system)
Control Range 0.5 ~ 1,000 Hz
Control Type Feedback & Floor Feed-Forward Control
Air pressure over 0.5 MPa
Power Supply AC 90 ~ 230V / 50 ~ 60Hz

◼ Vibration isolation performance of active isolation frame

Resonance range ( >1 Hz ) Not Existed
Isolation efficiency on frequency domain
2 Hz -10dB (60% isolation)
5 Hz -30dB (85% isolation)
10 Hz -40dB (99% isolation)
20 Hz ~ -40dB (99% isolation)

◼ Noise isolation performance of anti-noise chamber

Frequency Noise Reduction Frequency Noise Reduction
63 Hz 14 dB 1000 Hz 41 dB
125 Hz 28 dB 2000 Hz 41 dB
250 Hz 29 dB 4000 Hz 42 dB
500 Hz 32 dB 8000 Hz 44 dB

1. Application note

(1) Structure-borne noise (vibration) has comparatively longer wave length and stronger energy, which makes it especially important to isolate them.

(2) While air-borne vibration and acoustical vibration(noise) transmit smaller energy to the target instruments, they are transmtted directly to a microscope's measurement spot and greatly distort microscope image.
Air flow from nearby HVAC systems also greatly affects the microscope.

(3) VAIS-PMT single-handedly prevents floor vibrations, air-borne noises and air-flow for optimal nano-scale measurement.

2. Target instruments

  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
  • Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM)
  • 3D Surface Measurement System
  • High Precision Optical Microscope
  • Nano Indentation System
  • Nano Measurement / Analysis Instruments
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VAIS-PMT for BRUKER Dimension Icon
VAIS-PMT for BRUKER Multimode8
VAIS-PMT for Confocal system(Abberior)
VAIS-PMT for Asylum Research MFP-3D
VAIS-PMT for Parksystems XE-70
VAIS-PMT for Hitachi AFM 5100N
VAIS-PMT for BRUKER Dimension Fast Scan