Overview     Developed in 2007, VAIS-AMT series is Korea's first commercialized tabletop active anti-vibration system. It satisfies IEST's VC-G class of environment for anti-vibration system to accommodate Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), a device especially vulnerable to low-frequency vibration disturbance.

VAIS-AMT also removes resonance phenomenon of passive isolation systems with easier installation and operation procedures. Since the commercialization, VAIS-AMT's excellent capabilities and competitive price have been recognized by worldwide AFM manufacturers and utilized in various nano-measurement instruments.

1. Easy Installation & Transportation

Supported by metal coil springs, VAIS-AMT requires no compressed air supplier.
It can be conveniently transported and installed anywhere with electricity.

2. Floor Feed-Forward Control

Utilizing feedback and floor feed-forward controls, VAIS-AMT has an excellent capability to prevent low-frequency vibration disturbance, a common issue with passive anti-vibration systems.

3. LED Status Indicator

Three LED lights (Red, Green, Blue) on the front panel conveniently display the status on vibration environment changes and serviceability.

4. Easy Self-Diagnosis

Digitally-controlled VAIS-AMT is designed for convenient self-diagnosis of operation-related malfunctions, such as the center of gravity changes.

5. Remote Support

AMTEK provides a remote real-time support for convenient performance diagnosis and technical support.

Model Name AMT-045 AMT-056
Platform Dimension [mm] 396(W) X 496(L) 496(W) X 596(L)
Height [mm] 110
Self-Weight 23 kg 37 kg
Loadable Weight 0~60 kg 0~150 kg
Platform Type AL Plate (standard) / M-6 Tapped AL Plate (option)
Control Range 0.5 ~ 1,000 Hz
Control Type Feedback & Floor Feed Forward Control
Actuator Force Vertical : 8N / Horizontal : 4N
Input Voltage AC 100 ~ 230V / 50 ~ 60Hz

1. Vibration Isolation Performance (Transmissibility)

Resonance Range(>1 Hz) Does not exist
Isolation Efficiency on Frquency Domain
2Hz -10dB (60% isolation)
5Hz -25dB ~ -30dB (85% isolation)
10Hz -35dB ~ -40dB (99% isolation)
20Hz~ -35dB ~ -40dB (99% isolation)

2. Pneumatic Passive Isolator vs. VAIS-AMT (Interference fringe image of 3D optical surface profiler)

[Image on pneumatic passive isolator]

[Image on VAIS-AMT]

1. Application Note

(1) VAIS-AMT series was developed to accommodate AFM/SPM, which requires a long time to get an optimal image. The series' capabilities to create a stable vibration environment were thoroughly verified by several AFM manufacturers worldwide and are utilized in various sites.

(2) With experinces in vibration-sensitive AFM, VAIS-AMT is expanding its scope into various microscopes requiring high-accuracy measurement, including high-end optical microscope, 3D-surface optical profiler, mini-SEM, nano-indentation.

(3) By eliminating vibration amplification(resonance) issue of pneumatic passive isolation systems and providing a competitive price, the VAIS-AMT series will strive to provide an ideal vibration environment for all analysis devices requiring nano-scale measurements.

2.Target Instruments

  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
  • Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM)
  • 3D Surface Measurement System
  • Tabletop SEM (Mini-SEM)
  • High-precision Optical Microscope
  • Nano Indentation System
  • Nano Measurement / Analysis Instruments
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AMT-056 for KLA Nano-indentation system
AMT-056 for COXEM Mini-SEM EM-30N
AMT-045 for KEYENCE Laser Microscope
AMT-056 for Inverted AFM
AMT-045 for OLYMPUS OLS-5100
AMT-045 for NanoSystem 3D Suface Profiler
AMT-045 for BRUKER AFM Multimode
AMT-045 for BRUKER AFM Innova
AMT-045 for ZEISS Digital Microscope
AMT-056 for ThermoFisher Phenom ProX