Overview   Laser-Optic measurement is a delicate process requiring consistency, precision, and isolation from vibration. The measurement requires to stay in a precise and consistent position of optical parts while isolating floor vibration. This calls for the optical breadboard’s optimal dynamic stiffness and effective reduction of vibration from the system itself.

Isolating vibration input in a low-frequency range below 10Hz, VAIS-PT will provide an Optic-Laser test's optimal, stable vibration environment.

1. Pneumatic Support Frame

The pneumatic support frame further strengthens VAIS-PT’s robustness against aperiodic impulse vibration.

2. Floor Feed-Forward Control

Utilizing feedback and floor feed-forward controls, VAIS-PT has an excellent capability to prevent low-frequency vibration disturbance induced by the structural resonance of the building.

3. LED Status Indicator

Three LED lights (Red, Green, Blue) on the front panel conveniently display the status on vibration environment changes and serviceability.

4. Digital Control System

The digital controller provides a convenient user interface, setup parameter modification, and system diagnosis.

5. Remote Support

AMTEK provides a remote real-time support for convenient performance diagnosis and technical support.

Support Frame Pneumatic (compressed air) spring
Control Frequency Range 0.5Hz ~ 1000Hz
Optical Top Honeycomb cored breadboard Top
Control DOFs 3 axis 6 DOFs (full active system)
Max. Actuator Force Vertical : 15N / Horizontal : 10N
Applied Controller Feedback & Floor Feed-Forward
Height Adjustment Auto adjustment by 3 mechanical valves
Required Air Pressure over 0.5 MPa
Input Voltage AC 90 ~ 230V / 50 ~ 60Hz
Model name Dimension of Breadboard Model name Dimension of Breadboard
PT-1010(M/I/N)-100 1000(W)X1000(L)X100(T) PT-1812(M/I/N)-200 1800(W)X1200(L)X200(T)
PT-1210(M/I/N)-100 1200(W)X1000(L)X100(T) PT-2010(M/I/N)-200 2000(W)X1000(L)X200(T)
PT-1212(M/I/N)-100 1200(W)X1200(L)X100(T) PT-2012(M/I/N)-200 2000(W)X1200(L)X200(T)
PT-1510(M/I/N)-100 1500(W)X1000(L)X100(T) PT-2410(M/I/N)-200 2400(W)X1000(L)X200(T)
PT-1512(M/I/N)-100 1500(W)X1200(L)X100(T) PT-2412(M/I/N)-200 2400(W)X1200(L)X200(T)
  1. Dimension can be customized upon request.
  2. Model selection guideline : PT-WD (M/I/N)-T
    • WD : Optical Breadboard Width(W)X Length(D) [mm]
    • M/I/N : Mounting Hole Type - M(Metric) / I(Inch) / N(No hole)
    • T : Thickness of breadboard [mm]
  3. Standard thickness of breadboard : 50 ~ 300 [mm]
  4. For breadboards wider than 1500 [mm],
    We recommend thickness of 200 [mm] or more.

◼ Vibration isolation performance of active isolation frame

Resonance Range(>1 Hz) Does Not Exist
Isolation efficiency on frequency domain
2Hz -15dB (70% isolation)
5Hz -30dB (85% isolation)
10Hz -35dB ~ -40dB (99% isolation)
20Hz ~ -35dB ~ -40dB (99% isolation)

1. Application note

(1) Precise and consistent locations of optical parts on optical breadboard top are critical for Laser-Optical experiments. However, there seldom has been much interest in anti-vibration system considering vibration input’s amplitude and characteristics.

(2) Optical breadboard support frame selection is crucially essential for the composition and precision of the Laser-Optic experiments. Pneumatic passive isolation systems aren’t as effective on isolating low-frequency vibrations as on high-frequency ones.

(3) VAIS-PT is exclusively developed for Laser-Optic experiments. The optical breadboard is designed with stiffness, flatness, and repeatability in mind and the pneumatic active isolation system completely isolates vibration of all frequencies.

2.Target Instruments

  • Laser-Optic measurement
  • AFM-RAMAN system
  • Interferometer
  • Precision measurement & analysis
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VAIS-PT-2012-200T for Laser-Optic system
VAIS-PT-2012-300T for Zygo Interferometer system
VAIS-PT-1010-100T for NT-MDT Inverted AFM