Overview    Prior check of acoustic noise and vibration state in installation site should be made to guarantee normal operation of target instruments. Usually, manufactures of nano instruments present their own installation specifications based on structural resonance of products and experience.

Designers of anti-vibration system or anti-noise room should clearly know the installation specifications to design ideal vibration and noise solutions for target microscope.

AMTEK has abundant experience, suitable measurement systems and manpower who can exactly understand and evaluate the specifications for nano instruments.

Evaluation    There are two types in installation specifications for nano instruments.
The first one is a specified specification for individual microscope. This specification is provided by makers and based on structural charateristics of target instrument.
The second one is a generalized specification such as ISO, IEST, NIST, etc.

In case of specified specification by individual maker, The measurement and evaluation should be based on knowledge about corrleration between disturbance and effects on microscope.
The exact understanding of measurement process, evaluation unit and latest information are required to evaluate specification through generalized one.

Whatever specifications are presented, AMTEK is competent to fulfill the site evaluation. Besides measurement results, AMTEK will provide optimal solutions for target instrument to show best performance.

  1. Measurement and evaluation of vibration and noise environment by installation specifications
  2. Trace and analysis of noise and vibration source
  3. Design of suitable anti-vibration system by anaysis of frequency characteristcs of vibration source
  4. Design of ideal anti-noise room decoration by anaysis of frequency characteristcs of noise source